“62nd Men” by Amy Loughrey Gray for the ACHMGS

On Saturday & Sunday, May 22 – 23, 2021, the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Living History Family [62ND PVI LHF] took to the field for the first time in many months…and for a good cause–to mark the re-opening of the Armstrong County Historical Museum in Kittanning, Pennsylvania…being the county seat of Armstrong County, this made the event title an easy one, “From Armstrong to Appomattox”, as we highlighted the men from the county who served in the American Civil War…for some, that meant a journey that took them to places like Antietam, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Nashville, and Stones River, to name a few…for others, places like Andersonville, Salisbury and Libby were horrifying places known as Confederate Prisons…for a few, like those in the 139th PVI,155th PVI and the 2nd PA Cavalry, the journey would take them to the tiny village of Appomattox Court House, VA, where General Grant met with General Lee to accept the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia…these men would line the road on April 12th, 1865, to receive the “stacking of arms” as the Confederate Army turned in their weapons, accoutrements and flags, under the direction of General Joshua L. Chamberlain…

On Saturday, we were very pleased to welcome Mr. Michael Kraus, curator of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, PA…Mike spent the day with us, touring our museum, greeting visitors, and speaking to the guests about the importance of museums, large and small, in preserving and maintaining our history…Mike also gave a detailed description of the roster of Armstrong County men who served, and the regiments they served in, including a list of engagements for each unit…

Michael Kraus [photo courtesy of Larry A. Smail]

To support his presentation, Michael brought a number of priceless artifacts with him from the collection at Memorial Hall relative to the Armstrong County soldiers and regiments…this included descriptive roster books for the 62nd and 78th regiments, weapons such as swords and pistols carried by men from the county, and once again, the “Sweitzer’s Brigade Flag”, which flew in the “Wheatfield” at Gettysburg, and on the battlefield at Spottsylvania, VA…

Sweitzer Brigade Flag [photo by Larry A. Smail]

The men of the 62nd PA fought under this flag in those battles, and on July 2nd, 1863, two Armstrong County men, John Long and John Walker of Company D, gave their lives in the fighting at Gettysburg…

Throughout the weekend, the ladies and children of our living history family brought to life the “homefront” experiences for the visitors and guests…this included many aspects of life, from schooling, games, daily chores and duties, while missing loved ones who were off to war…

Games photo by Marilyn Cornish
62nd Ladies by Amy Loughrey Gray for the ACHMGS

On Sunday, we welcomed long-time friends, historians and authors Arthur Fox and John Haltigan…Art and John have collaborated on a number of Civil War books, including “Those Who Fought”, focusing mainly on the Allegheny County men who served…this book also features a chapter on the 62nd Regiment, and includes an image of a painting “The Wheatfield: Whirlpool of Death”, by Larry A. Smail…this painting depicts the moments when Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer and the men of the 62nd are nearly surrounded in Rose’s field of wheat in Gettysburg…more about the painting to come!

“The Wheatfield: Whirlppol of Death” original painting displayed in the Civil War Room in the Armstrong County Historical Museum [photo by Larry A. Smail]

For the last few years, Art and John, along with contributions by Jeane Stetson and Dianne Rosell, have been pouring their hearts and souls into a new work, “At the Center of the Storm: The 139th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment in the Civil War”…this book is a comprehensive work, the “regimental history” of this notable regiment…it will tell the story of the regiment, and its service, from burial detail after Second Bull Run, to the surrender at Appomattox…the book will also tell the individual stories or “vignettes”…during their presentation on Sunday, Art and John, both Veterans in their own right, shared some of these stories, including that of Color Sergeant [flag-bearer] David W. Young of Co. E, from Armstrong County, who was designated by General Wright and General Grant as one of three soldiers most conspicuous for gallantry in the final assault at Petersburg…he would receive an autographed letter from the general warmly praising his heroism…

Another notable Veteran of the 139th, Sylvester Hildebrand was the last surviving member of the regiment from our county, and the last member of the G.A. R. Post 89 in Apollo, PA…he died in 1935, at the age of 88…

The book will also feature 15 chapters, 240 photos 40 battlefield maps, and 600 footnotes…at this time, the final phases of indexing are underway, before the final product will be published by Mechling Publishing in late July or August 2021…

Once the book is released to the public, we will look forward to hosting Art & John for a book signing event!

John Haltigan [L] and Arthur Fox [R], seated at a table giving a presentation on their upcoming book “At the Center of the Storm”, a regimental history of the 139th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. [photo by Slim Bowser]

And with the conclusion of Art and John’s presentation, the visitors were free to explore the encampment, grounds, and the beautiful McKain House, which now serves as the Armstrong County Historical Museum, as well as the Genealogical Library in the Carriage House next to the museum…the location is:


Hours of operation are THURSDAYS, 1-3 PM, AND SUNDAYS, 1-3 PM



Mary Koma was also on hand to sign copies of her book during our Saturday hours…

And so, after a year of quarantines, closures, social distancing, and staying apart, we were very pleased to welcome guests and visitors to the museum, and share the rich and timeless history of our nation, our county, our community, and our ancestors, including those in the 62nd PVI…

Thank you to all who took time to visit with us, and to our wonderful guests for their presentations…

May God Bless!

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Gettysburg Spring 2021

Hello! My name is Katie Wolfe and I am excited to be a new member of the 62nd PA Volunteer Infantry Living History Family and a contributor to this website. The history of the American Civil War has always fascinated me, particularly the stories of units from Armstrong County. I recently visited Gettysburg, which is always a beautiful place to visit and especially in the spring with the redbuds and trees blooming. I was able to take a moment to pause and reflect at the 62nd PA Volunteer Infantry Monument and take some pictures with the spring foliage in the background. I’m looking forward to more events with the 62nd PA Volunteer Infantry Living History Family and more visits to Gettysburg!

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Well, even though our site hasn’t been updated in quite some time, the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Living History Family has remained a very active organization, and look to stay active in 2021.

Since the last post on our site, we have been continuing to preserve the memory and sacrifice of the men of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, through a number of avenues, including Living History events and encampments, school and library programs, volunteer work with the Gettysburg Foundation and the National Park Service, and most importantly, ceremonial events and tributes, including grave site restoration and preservation.

Unfortunately, our website has taken a backseat to the activities mentioned above, which we hope to correct in the coming weeks. But even as it is, our site has continued to provide an avenue through which a number of folks, including fellow descendants of 62nd Volunteers, have managed to connect with us, and therefore, adding to the ongoing mission of remembrance and respect for the regiment.

That being said, while we are in the process of improving and updating our website, please take note of the tentative schedule of events and appearances that we have for 2021.


This will be a small living history encampment in support of the Armstrong County Museum and its affiliated Genealogical Library…our goal is to draw folks back to the museum, to witness first hand the vast collection of Armstrong County related items, and with specific attention to the Civil War Room, featuring a large collection of artifacts, weapons, and memorabilia connected to the Veterans of the Civil War.

Once again, we are pleased to welcome Michael Kraus, historian, friend, and curator from Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh, PA…last year, Michael very graciously brought the original 62nd Sweitzer’s Brigade pennant [pictured above] to display in the museum dining room…the flag is riddled with holes and torn from the fighting both at Gettysburg and Spottsylvania…Mike will be appearing at the museum event on Saturday, May 22…additional authors, artists, and guest have been invited…the event will be open to the public from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday the 22nd, and from 1 PM to 4 PM on Sunday, May 23rd…there is curbside parking along both Vine and McKean Streets, as well as a small lot for those with accessibility concerns behind the museum via the Grant Street entrance…





This is normally a big weekend for our “volunteers”…we usually have a nice group to support the Gettysburg Foundations “Volunteer Work Day” event, as well as our duties with the National Park Service and the Adopt-A-Position Program, where we have been striving to assist in the cleanup and maintenance of the 62nd monument site, and the Wheatfield proper…

Unfortunately, at this time, both events have been canceled for 2021…nonetheless, a number of us are still planning to be in Gettysburg, and hope to be able to find a way to volunteer and do something productive…

[Part of our crew, the Lavezoli family, painting fences at the Eisenhower Farm several years ago]


While a few of the details remain to be confirmed, the 62nd PVI LHF will be present to commemorate the anniversary at Gettysburg…we will make every attempt to be present to post the Colors around the monument on Friday, July 2nd, and we will plan on conducting our annual “Wheatfield Tribute” at the monument site on Saturday, July 3rd, at 10 AM…

It is possible that we will have a small encampment at the Lightner Farmhouse B&B along Route 97 South during the weekend, though not confirmed at this time…


For a number of years now, our living history weekend at the Gettysburg Heritage Center has been one of our favorite events…being along Steinwehr Avenue within site of battlefield, where we can meet and greet the many, many visitors, from lifelong residents of the storied town, to the first time travelers, and talk about the town, the battle, and how our ancestors made a mark in the history of our nation there…and the museum, book store and gift shop there are “first rate” as they would have put it!


The activities for Remembrance Day bring about more of a sense of “duty” than any other event…for Remembrance Day itself, this year being the 20th of November, we typically begin with our “Wheatfield Tribute” ceremony at the monument at 10 AM…then we prepare to take our place in line for the parade, which usually steps of at 1 PM…following the parade, we have a tradition of gathering at Friendly’s for a meal together, before parting for a few hours to re-group…then, with a deep spirit of humility and honor, we head to the Soldiers National Cemetery to stand as Honor Guard at the Illumination of the Cemetery…we have been sharing this duty with our friends and comrades in the 66th OVI for a few years now…weather and disease has prompted the cancelation of the Illumination recently, but we will pray for both to subside this November…also, the Gettysburg Address Commemoration at the Cemetery takes place on November 19th, this year being on Friday…this is a memorable ceremony that everyone should experience!

“To the stone wall boys!”


Two years ago we hosted a “Christmas Open House” at the Armstrong County Historical Museum…in about three hours or so, over one hundred and fifty guests milled through the beautifully adorned McKain House, while the music of Christmas echoed through each room, filled with faces and memorabilia from the county through the years…the aroma of wassail and baked goods kept anyone from rushing out the door…a memorable day indeed…and though last year it had to remain a memory, we are looking forward to decking the museum halls again in 2021…hours will be from 1 to 4 PM…we hope you can join us!

And so, there you have our schedule for 2021…in the meantime, we are always open for opportunities to share our love of history, and humble pride for the boys of the 62nd PA Volunteer Infantry…we will try to keep the calendar updated as things are added or changed…



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“WHERE WE’LL BE :2018”


JUNE 2, 2018–GETTYSBURG: VOLUNTEER WORK DAY with the Gettysburg Foundation and National Park Service…



For a number of years now our living history family has participated in the Volunteer Work Day program with the Gettysburg Foundation and the National Park Service…it has been a very rewarding event for us, getting to assist in the preservation of the Gettysburg battlefield, including painting the historic structures [buildings & barns], painting or building fences, cleaning or painting the names on the markers of the soldiers buried in the Soldier’s National Cemetery, or clearing brush and vegetation from areas along fence lines, monuments and markers…

This year our crew was slightly fewer in numbers than in previous years, but none-the-less, we were able to get a fresh coat of white paint on the picket fences surrounding the farmhouse at the Trostle Farm by the noon hour…our crew paused for a photograph by the wayside marker in front of the historic Trostle barn, where Union General Daniel Sickles received a severe wound on July 2, 1863, losing part of his leg to a shell…

The Trostle Farm was the site of horrific loss, as the men from the 9th Massachussett’s Battery [Bigalow’s] engaged the Confederate charge there…it was an honor to do our small part in keeping the farm looking good for another season of visitors…


ADOPT-A-POSITION PROGRAM with the National Park Service…

Most folks are probably unaware that the monuments, markers and sites on the battlefield can be “adopted”, by individuals or groups, interested and willing to assist the National Park Service with the maintenance and upkeep around each site…this year, the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Living History family accepted the adoption of the 62nd PA monument site…

So, after painting at the Trostle Farm in the morning, we had the “Subway” lunch provided by the Gettysburg Foundation, and then we headed for the Wheatfield to do our first volunteer work for the “Adopt-A-Position” program…for several hours our crew braved the heat, humidity, ticks and poison ivy to clear some brush around the monument and flank markers, as well as a great deal of brush and tree limbs along the stone fence separating Rose’s Wheatfield from Rose’s Woods…

After spending many, many hours there over the years in remembrance of what took place there on July 2, 1863, it was good to be able to give some much needed care to the site where so many men had fallen on that hot, humid July day one-hundred and fifty-five years ago…IMGP2443


And so, while it was certainly a different kind of work than that done by the Veterans of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, in some small way, the 62nd PVI are still “volunteering”…



JULY 2, 2018: We will try to represent the regiment by posting our colors around the 62nd monument in Rose’s Wheatfield at Gettysburg, where the regiment fought valiantly on July 2, 1863…


JULY 6-7: LIGHTNER FARMHOUSE B&B ENCAMPMENT: We will be encamped along the Baltimore Pike [Route 97 South] at the B&B, where visitors are welcome to stop and visit our living history encampment…go to  for more information…


“WHEATFIELD TRIBUTE”–SATURDAY, JULY 7, 10 AM: We will conduct our annual wreath-laying ceremony at the 62nd PVI monument along DeTrombriond Avenue in the Wheatfield…all are welcome to join us as we pay tribute to the regiment and their brigade mates who fought there 155 years ago…





We will be presenting living history demonstrations during museum hours throughout the weekend, as well as offering items related to the 62nd PVI regiment, including books, art prints and flagstones…




“WHEATFIELD TRIBUTE”–We will conduct our annual wreath-laying to honor the regiment at the 62nd PA Infantry monument along DeTrombriond Avenue in the Wheatfield at Gettysburg…ceremony time to be announced closer to the event…


We will also participate in the Remembrance Day parade, sponsored by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War [SUVCW}, scheduled to step off at 1:00 P.M.

That evening, we will also volunteer as one of the Honor Guard units for the Illumination of the Soldiers National Cemetery for the Gettysburg Foundation…unless otherwise noted, our detail will stand guard from 7-7:30 P.M….



We hope that you can join us in the field in 2018 as we do our small part to honor the Veterans of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry…

























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62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 2018: Still Volunteering

62ND PVI MONUMENT[BLOG]While the 62nd’s website hasn’t been active for some time now, that doesn’t mean that our “Living History Family” hasn’t been active…quite the opposite is true…

In the coming weeks, I hope to get you all caught up on where we’ve been these past few years, what we’ve been doing to keep the 62nd legacy alive, and where we plan to be in the coming months as well…

So, for those of you who might still be following us on this site, my apologies for the long gap in communications, thank you for your patience, and we hope that you will continue to follow us, in the field or online, as we continue to honor the service and sacrifice of the men of the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry…

God Bless,

Robert “Slim” Bowser

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"To the stone wall boys!"

“To the stone wall boys!”


2 July, 2014…

There are many, many dates which mark an anniversary of some significant occurrence for a Civil War regiment…some stand out more than others, and for the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, the second day of July, the “second day” of the great battle of Gettysburg, was one that they would never forget…for some, like Josiah Mouck, Scott McDowell, William Lowry, John Long and John Walker, it would be their last day, dying for their country in George Rose’s Wheatfield…

To descendants, families and friends, like those of us in this Living History unit, it will always be a day of remembrance–a day that we can humbly say “those men went into that fight the first time under orders, as their duty…they went back into that fight under a plea for help–a request–and fought even harder than before, nearly becoming surrounded by the enemy in an attempt to save their comrades”…

So, on Saturday, 5 July, 2014, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Living History unit will march thru the Wheatfield once more, to surround the 62nd monument with family and friends, to make a few humble remarks, offer a salute, and place a “spray of golden wheat” to say “we have not forgotten–you have not suffered nor died in vain”…



Joining us their will be some of our friends thru history, representatives of the “Officers for the Union”, “Lincoln’s Generals” and “Confederation of Union Generals”…this year our special guest will be Mr. Ernest D. Spisak, author of the 62nd’s regimental history “Pittsburgh’s Forgotten Civil War Regiment”…





Mr. Spisak will also be signing copies and discussing his book at the Lightner Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast later that day, from 4-6 o’clock in the afternoon…you can also visit the 62nd’s encampment there and learn more about the regiment throughout the day, and join us as we also commemorate the 150th anniversary of the regiments mustering out, July, 1864…

To wrap up the evening, the “Officers for the Union” and friends will conduct a campfire program, a question and answer discussion, where visitors can pose their unanswered questions to a number of the finest Union officers, including John Fulton Reynolds and JNO Buford to name a few…this program begins at 6:30 pm…









So, bring your favorite blanket or chair, and come to the Lightner Farmhouse B&B, Route 97 South, just a half mile south of US 15…Dennis and Eileen Hoover will be glad to have you attend for the programs, all of which are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, with plenty of room to park close to the event.

Rather you are a Civil War enthusiast, a first timer to Gettysburg, or a descendant with a story of your own, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd should always be circled on your calendar–days in which the survival of our nation as the “United States of America” hung in the balance…

May God Bless.



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3 June, 2014…                           







Of all the things that we can do as “living historians”, especially those of us who are also “descendants”, to honor those brave men who sacrificed so much–in many cases, their lives, is of the utmost importance…on this day, 3 June, 1864, while engaging the enemy at a place called Bethesda Church, as part of the Battle of Cold Harbor, many lives were lost in a very short period of time–one of those lives belonged to 2nd Lieutenant Jefferson Truitt…After being credited with saving the Regimental Colors at Malvern Hill, Lt. Truitt was killed serving his country, defending our Union. It is “only fitting and proper” that we honor him, and all those that fell that day. Jefferson Truitt is buried in the Cold Harbor National Cemetery.


31 May, 2014…






In honoring Corporal David P. Truitt, on a peaceful, sunny Saturday morning, eleven members of our Company gathered at his final resting place, Appleby Manor Cemetery, to reset his headstone, which after so many years, had settled severely into the earth…with so many “volunteers”, in a very short time the marker was once again standing straight and tall, as it should be, in honor of another of Colonel Black’s fine soldiers.





“62ND PVI-




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5 September, 2012…

At approximately 4pm on Sunday, the 26th of August, the drawing was held to determine the two winners of the Gettysburg Raffle…to insure a fair drawing, a living historian from Old Bedford Village, with no affiliation to the 62nd PVI, was asked to draw two tickets from the box of entries…

The winner of the Lightner Farmhouse B&B/R.J.Gibson package is: Dave Cook, Ebensburg, PA

The winner of “The Wheatfield-Whirlpool of Death” print, by Larry A. Smail is: Dick and Jean Mathabel, New Kensington, PA



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How would you like to win a stay at a beautiful Bed& Breakfast in Gettysburg?…or a beautifully framed and matted print of a civil war painting?…Well, you can…

The members of the 62nd PVI Living History family are conducting a fundraising raffle,for the purpose of supporting the continuation of Co.D,62nd PVI, as a valid Civil War Living History Unit, educating and entertaining, in honor of those brave men who originally wore “the Red Maltese Cross” and their families…


The first winning ticket holder will receive a gift certificate for: A two night stay for two in a queen room at “The Historic Lightner Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast”…the Hoover’s at the Lightner Farm will also provide you with a “Gettysburg Battlefield Auto Tour CD”,which will give you the opportunity to tour the battlefield in the comfort of your own vehicle**[Additional guests or upgrade to a suite will be at winners expense,and upon availability]**

First winner will also receive a certificate for a sitting with R.J.Gibson, world renowned Civil War photographer, at his Gettysburg studio, for a 5×7 “tintype” photograph…this is a great opportunity to have your image captured by Rob Gibson,who has done work on many civil war projects, documentaries, and motion pictures, and his work has been featured on PBS,the History Channel,to name a few…

WINNER TWO: The second winning ticket holder will win a beautifully framed and matted “150th Anniversary Print” of “The Wheatfield-Whirlpool of Death”, by artist Larry A. Smail… Taken from the original painting, which features the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, as they find themselves nearly surrounded in George Rose’s Wheatfield on July 2nd,1863, during the second day of fighting at Gettysburg…the “Anniversary Print” also features a hand-drawn red maltese cross, Corps badge of the 5thCorps, Army of the Potomac, drawn by the artist in the bottom border.


1. Tickets will be sold for $2.00 per ticket, or 3 tickets for $5.00.

2.Winner of the Lightner Farm/Gibson Studio Package will receive gift certificates, and will be responsible for making reservations/arrangements at the Lightner Farmhouse B&B, and at R.J.Gibson’s Studio**[Co.D,62ndPVI is not responsible for availability of dates as chosen by the winner].**

3.Certificates must be used by August 30,2013.

4. All who purchase tickets are eligible to win, including members of the 62ndPVI and their families.

5.Drawing will be held on Sunday,August 26th,2012, at the 62ndPVI event with the “Confederation of Union Generals” at “Old Bedford Village”, Bedford,PA…Two tickets will be drawn,the first will be the winner of the Lightner Farm/Gibson Studio Package, and the second, will be the winner of the print…tickets will be drawn by someone outside of the unit in a public setting.

6.Winners need not be present,and will be notified by phone immediately following  the drawing.

7.Co.D,62ndPVI will also notify the Lightner Farmhouse B&B and R.J.Gibson’s Studio with the winners name.

8.All taxes,fees, and transportation expenses will be winners responsibility.

9. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

10.Void where prohibited.

11.All unsold tickets remain property of the 62ndPVI…1000 tickets were printed and available for the raffle.

If you would like information about where you can purchase tickets, contact:      Robert “Slim” Bowser at: or call 724-545-1330[home], or 724-664-6625[cell]…you can also request information thru the “Leave a comment” section at the top of this page…

Thank You for your support, and we hope to see you at an event soon!


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“Then and Now”

Thanks to several good friends in the “civil war photography” business, R.J.”Rob” Gibson, who operates a “period” photography studio in Gettysburg, and Ronn Palm, who operates a museum filled with “original” tintypes and collectibles,also in Gettysburg, we are able to present a “then and now” view of the 62nd…

The first photos here are from Ronn’s collection, and are actual photos of the 62nd when they were still the 33rd Independant Regiment…this was a result of the state and federal government disagreeing on who would “commission” the officers…you will notice that the uniforms were all “sky blue”…they would receive the dark blue coats later on, and at one point would be issued “chausser” uniforms, in recognition of the regiments’ pursuit of excellance…

The second pair of tintypes were taken last July, at the Lightner Farmhouse in Gettysburg, by world-renowned photographer Rob Gibson…Rob brought his original camera, and “portable darkroom” into the field, and shot these two images for us…

One is of our entire “living history family”[or as many as we could get together at one time]…the other is a very special image, in that the seven “soldiers’ in the photo are all descendants of officers or soldiers–Veterans of the 62nd Regiment!

From left to right:

James Butler[as Corporal James Barrett,Co.D]; Walt SkrzypekIII[as John Warnick,Co.I]; James Johnson[as Absalom Stoner,Co.I];Gordon Sheaffer Jr.[as 2nd Lt.Jefferson Truitt,Co.D]; Joseph Rupp[as James Rankin,Co.E];Robert”Slim”Bowser[as 1st Sgt.Daniel Swigart,Co.D]; Frank “Den” Butler[as Corporal David Truitt,Co.D]…

The individual members, and the story of their ancestors, will appear soon on a “members” page…

Our thanks to Rob and Ronn for their contributions…of course, all copyright laws apply to these images…for more information about Rob’s studio and his achievements, Ronn’s museum and collection, and the Lightner Farmhouse, go to our “Friends & Facts” page.

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