“Then and Now”

30 Mar

Thanks to several good friends in the “civil war photography” business, R.J.”Rob” Gibson, who operates a “period” photography studio in Gettysburg, and Ronn Palm, who operates a museum filled with “original” tintypes and collectibles,also in Gettysburg, we are able to present a “then and now” view of the 62nd…

The first photos here are from Ronn’s collection, and are actual photos of the 62nd when they were still the 33rd Independant Regiment…this was a result of the state and federal government disagreeing on who would “commission” the officers…you will notice that the uniforms were all “sky blue”…they would receive the dark blue coats later on, and at one point would be issued “chausser” uniforms, in recognition of the regiments’ pursuit of excellance…

The second pair of tintypes were taken last July, at the Lightner Farmhouse in Gettysburg, by world-renowned photographer Rob Gibson…Rob brought his original camera, and “portable darkroom” into the field, and shot these two images for us…

One is of our entire “living history family”[or as many as we could get together at one time]…the other is a very special image, in that the seven “soldiers’ in the photo are all descendants of officers or soldiers–Veterans of the 62nd Regiment!

From left to right:

James Butler[as Corporal James Barrett,Co.D]; Walt SkrzypekIII[as John Warnick,Co.I]; James Johnson[as Absalom Stoner,Co.I];Gordon Sheaffer Jr.[as 2nd Lt.Jefferson Truitt,Co.D]; Joseph Rupp[as James Rankin,Co.E];Robert”Slim”Bowser[as 1st Sgt.Daniel Swigart,Co.D]; Frank “Den” Butler[as Corporal David Truitt,Co.D]…

The individual members, and the story of their ancestors, will appear soon on a “members” page…

Our thanks to Rob and Ronn for their contributions…of course, all copyright laws apply to these images…for more information about Rob’s studio and his achievements, Ronn’s museum and collection, and the Lightner Farmhouse, go to our “Friends & Facts” page.

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