02 Jul



"To the stone wall boys!"

“To the stone wall boys!”


2 July, 2014…

There are many, many dates which mark an anniversary of some significant occurrence for a Civil War regiment…some stand out more than others, and for the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, the second day of July, the “second day” of the great battle of Gettysburg, was one that they would never forget…for some, like Josiah Mouck, Scott McDowell, William Lowry, John Long and John Walker, it would be their last day, dying for their country in George Rose’s Wheatfield…

To descendants, families and friends, like those of us in this Living History unit, it will always be a day of remembrance–a day that we can humbly say “those men went into that fight the first time under orders, as their duty…they went back into that fight under a plea for help–a request–and fought even harder than before, nearly becoming surrounded by the enemy in an attempt to save their comrades”…

So, on Saturday, 5 July, 2014, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Living History unit will march thru the Wheatfield once more, to surround the 62nd monument with family and friends, to make a few humble remarks, offer a salute, and place a “spray of golden wheat” to say “we have not forgotten–you have not suffered nor died in vain”…



Joining us their will be some of our friends thru history, representatives of the “Officers for the Union”, “Lincoln’s Generals” and “Confederation of Union Generals”…this year our special guest will be Mr. Ernest D. Spisak, author of the 62nd’s regimental history “Pittsburgh’s Forgotten Civil War Regiment”…





Mr. Spisak will also be signing copies and discussing his book at the Lightner Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast later that day, from 4-6 o’clock in the afternoon…you can also visit the 62nd’s encampment there and learn more about the regiment throughout the day, and join us as we also commemorate the 150th anniversary of the regiments mustering out, July, 1864…

To wrap up the evening, the “Officers for the Union” and friends will conduct a campfire program, a question and answer discussion, where visitors can pose their unanswered questions to a number of the finest Union officers, including John Fulton Reynolds and JNO Buford to name a few…this program begins at 6:30 pm…









So, bring your favorite blanket or chair, and come to the Lightner Farmhouse B&B, Route 97 South, just a half mile south of US 15…Dennis and Eileen Hoover will be glad to have you attend for the programs, all of which are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, with plenty of room to park close to the event.

Rather you are a Civil War enthusiast, a first timer to Gettysburg, or a descendant with a story of your own, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd should always be circled on your calendar–days in which the survival of our nation as the “United States of America” hung in the balance…

May God Bless.



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