Welcome to the new “home” for information about the 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, a “living history family” organization…

It is our hope that this site will not only keep you up to date and informed about the events, activities, and members of our “Company”, but will also educate you about the brave men who made up the “original” 62nd Regiment, their service, their sacrifice, and their families, through “then” and “now” pages, posts and photographs.

The 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry [originally the 33rd Independant] was mustered in in July,1861, as part of Pennsylvania’s response to President Abraham Lincoln’s call for 75,000 volunteers…Companies were recruited in Allegheny, Armstrong ,Clarion, Jefferson and Blair Counties, with Washington adding several as well…men from surrounding counties [Indiana for one] would also find themselves in the ranks of what would become known as an “elite regiment” and a “regiment of distinction”.

In 1994, a young man with a love of history, and a “connection” to the Civil War, and more specifically, a soldier in the 62ndPVI, decided to share that love and knowledge…Gordon Sheaffer Jr, with his portrayal of his ancestor Jefferson Truitt[2nd Lt.,Company D], had a vision of forming a small group of “living historians”, to bring the little known story of Truitt and his comrades to life…as it was when the original companies were formed, family, friends, and neighbors would soon enlist in the living history unit…

Over the years, that unit, much like the original, has seen the ranks swell and diminish…we have suffered loss, through the passing of some near and dear members, through transfers to other units or interests, and we have seen new recruits fall in to “fill in the lines”…

Many of our members are descendants of the original volunteers…this is not a requirement to join our company…however, we do take a great deal of pride, and instill a great deal of humility in our portrayal of the 62nd, and permit membership with those ideals in mind…At our events, we demonstrate many aspects of soldiering[drilling,firing,guard detail,etc], as well as the camp life[cooking,tenting],with men,women and children participating in a family atmosphere…we DO NOT participate in battlefield reenactments as a unit…

So, we hope you will not only explore the pages presented here, which will provide more about membership, the history of the regiment, the living history unit, events, and links to other sites, books, and educational materials related to the 62ndPVI, but that you will take a look at our schedule and come and see us in the field…


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