JULY 2, 2013:”150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg-The Wheatfield”

Some of our members and friends will gather at the 62nd PVI monument in Rose’s Wheatfield to                    remember the events of 2 July, 1863 in quiet reflection.

JULY 5-6, 2013: “Lightner Farmhouse Encampment”

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and the actions of the 62nd PA, our Living History Unit will set up our annual encampment at the Lightner Farmhouse B&B, beginning Friday July 5th…Saturday, July 6th will be our “event day”, beginning with our annual “wreath-laying ceremony” at the 62nd PA monument, where we will place a “spray of wheat”, and offer a tribute to the regiment and brigade. The time for the ceremony will be announced soon—tentatively we are planning a 10:00 AM start…

From 1:00-3:00 PM, we will present “The Wheatfield Remembered”, where visitors are welcome to come and listen to our members, including descendants of the 62nd PVI, share the story of the Wheatfield battle, and the history of the regiment…we encourage descendants of other units who were in the Wheatfield to come and share your stories with us as well…bring a blanket or a chair and come join us.

Then, after we have fed our “troops”, we will take part in the campfire presentation “Dialogue with Destiny”. Featuring Major General John F. Reynolds, [as portrayed by Mike Riley], Major General JNO Buford, [as portrayed by Mike Smith], along with a few other “Officer’s for the Union”, and a few members of the 62nd PVI, this will be an open campfire session–an evening of up close and personal insight into the Battle of Gettysburg. So bring a chair or a blanket, and come spend the evening with us.

These events are all FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC…there will plenty of room to park, and while you are there, you can walk around the grounds surrounding the Lightner Farmhouse…this beautiful home was built in 1862, for Isaac Lightner and his wife…In July of 1863, the house, now a bed and breakfast, became a Corps Hospital, with countless wounded and dying soldiers, mostly Union First Corps, being cared for by an Eleventh Corps surgeon.




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